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I always come across the questions during some registration or setup or self introduction which make me stuck and keep wondering what answers should I insert. Let me share some that I can recall:

  • What colour you like most? lol, i like all colours wor
  • What movie that you like most? oh come on, I watch thousands of movies since I can remember, really not sur. I watch horror, romance, war, action, documentary, musical, love story, you name it. However, there are some movies which I watch more than once, like Stephen Chow’s movies series, Jet Li’s series, Jackie Chan series, and Titanic, Star Wars,… wait a minute, haha, seems a lot of movies I watch more than once too.. so, how could I tell the answer?
  • What are your hobbies? When I was teenager, I don’t have PC games and console games, so my hobbies will be listening to music and writing to my pen-pal. When I start working, after I purchase the game console, I start focus all my free times in gaming and then now photography and one more… most important one, Sleep!!! not enough sleep!!!!!
  • What food you like most? If you look at my tummy, you will know, beside beef, I eat anything that offer to me, of course la don’t talk about exotic food like bugs, but I did tried snake before too. Indian, Chinese, Malay, Holland, Japanese, Korean, I like all foods.. I like to taste on new food whenever I come across. Sometimes I wonder if I could be a good food critics or not?
  • What book that you like to read most? oh this question, I use to read romance of three kingdom, the journey to the west, all the 5 important books in China history in fact..then of course I read a lot of textbook hahaha, then 10 years ago are all marketing and management books and now are all photography books. Nothing specific here…
  • Which Countries you like to travel most? well, I love travel, in fact I do hope I can get travel photography too… too bad, commitment, commitment,commitment. I have read a lot of articles said, don’t think and drag your ideas, go for your dreams.. full-fill it, there is only one life that you have now. I know that, I understand, if I am single, I will do so… but I am not, I have other to depend on me, how to chase my dream, yes, traveling is my dream, my day dream…but I want to make it come true, lets do it!

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