human nature

recently, I realise that selfishness is just part of human nature. Too many things happen around me for the past few weeks make me think again on human relationship. Even the person who slept beside you for the past 10 years will do things that you cant even imagine. The person you talk to daily, the partner you work with.. in fact almost everyone you face. Seems that everyone is wearing a mask.No one will disclose how he or she think about you in front of you..If there is someone who do that, it only like once in a while or he/she is really a brave and direct person, make sure you grab him or her as your best friend ever.

The recent changes doesn’t make me sad but the way people around me handle things make me scared and disappointed. I am a person who always give out and non calculative when I treat the person as part of my family or circle of friends. However, this is not how they treated me and think of me  which make me feel down.

I hope it wont change the way I see things and how I handle issue.

ok.. enough complaining.. lets get back to work.. brides are waiting for their photos and my boss is waiting for me to take action on new projects… life still goes on.. human still human, the human nature will never change… this is life…

  • September 11, 2008 - 5:53 pm

    anonymous - i agree with you on this… sometimes the person who had been sleeping next to you, also slept with other guys when you are not around, and 1 fine day, without any signal, your partner just gave you the tsunami…. such is life! i believe in karma, cause & effect.

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