late night posting

Just back from KL Hilton Wedding Dinner Shooting. I was so poisoned by Jenny Sun’s 50mm f1.2 It is awesome gear with no problem at all in term of focusing when come to low light condition.

When I was driving back home, I recall a movie by Hong Kong, it has a theory saying that this whole word is just a dream of god.  When god wake up one day, this whole dream will destroy, and when he is asleep again, another new dream will be created. I think life is just a dream too. One day when you wake up, you might not even remember all the details of the is just like happening yesterday but some how or rather, you dont know the details…..simple, one question, tell me what you did in year 1998 12th Dec 835pm ? no one would be able to answer it….


err what am I trying to say? nothing, just another “day dreaming”


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