Chinese New Year Eve

Over the years, I have been having sickness during Chinese New Year Eve either fever, flue or allergy and seems it is repeating every year. For this year, I came back from Ipoh Wedding Job and start my last minutes house keeping.. throw all my clothes and bedsheets into washing machine, mopping floors and clean up all the junk in my car while preparing for praying ceremony. At 545pm, I fetch my family members and rush for the dinner at Sg Buloh Restaurant. The food is good but seems they are unable to coop for the new year eve’s congestion. Everyone in that restaurant are complaining about the delay in food serving. Some waited as long as 2.5 hours. I took some of the photos during the dinner

After dinner, we went back to my parent’s home and giving angpao to my family members as traditional but this time, my kids said they want to overnight at their grandparent’s house. While driving on my way back alone, the street is so quiet and plus the rainy weather, I suddenly feel so cold and lonely in this Chinese New Year Eve..I cant feel any chinese new year mood nor any typical chinese new year celebration mood..I bought some decoration at home  even including the Chinese lantern and was thinking it will bring up the mood and the happiness feel.. but having the busy day till the dinner over, I dont feel the environment that I use to have during my childhood.. now is 11:59pm .. another one minutes to go for Chinese New Year Celebration…

Here comes all the fireworks…despite the current economy crisis and the rainy night, I can still hear the fireworks all over Kuala Lumpur

Happy Chinese New Year.. to Edwin Tan, a tough and challenging year for you ahead.. be strong to face it…just like how you deal with it for the past 35 years…


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