I smell the wind

For pass two days, the windy weather reminding me that chinese new year is on the way…. I can still remember how the wind smells on every chinese new year period. Just one to two weeks before the actual chinese new year, we could always smell the cold and dry wind all the way from China, that was my mum use to tell us on every chinese new year….when last night I smell it again at my car park, I didnt recognize it anymore and thought it is going to rain…. when I look up at the sky, I can see clear sky with moon. And I keep wondering where those clouds and arent it supposes to rain? This morning when I was in car park again, the wind blow to my face again and I finally recall the similar feeling..yes… it is going to be Chinese New Year, a feeling that is long gone since the day I receive angpao (red packet) from my parents…..I am glad the feeling is back again… well, even there is not much chinese new year mood in the shopping mall due to recent economy downturn and even my own shipping line bonuses issue too… but hey… it is still going to be Chinese New Year right? there are still things for us to celebrate about…there is still a chinese new year eve dinner that we are all looking forward to……..the faces of kids looking forward for ang pao… just like those old days when we could play late, eat what we can….listen to chinese new year songs, enjoy watching lion and dragon dances.. with the fire works!!!!

GongXi GongXi

  • January 17, 2009 - 4:15 am

    Mimi - touching words you wrote Edwin.
    I wish you, your family and all you love, the best for this Chinese New Year of the Ox

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