Alone while driving back

Driving back heading home on NKVE highway after met up with client to handover the final images this evening. It was raining around 7 plus. I stopped by at Petrol station to top up my touch n go card and had my rubbish food at Mc D for my dinner. The down pour make the highway surface reflecting all the lights from the vehicle dragging along the road. I continue my journey with a cup of coffee on my left hand, driving slowly along the highway. I forget how long I have never been driving like this. Every day in day out I was rushing and stepping my oil pedal speeding all the way to destination. The audio player was playing some 80’s and 90’s love songs… I just wonder do the artists really go thru all the path and feeling just like their lyrics. Do they know what love is? I felt like my heart been tighten by both screw and nuts from left and right, feeling pain and hurt… 10 years…from now on, everything will changed. I read an article before saying that the relationship between humans are just like lines. Sometimes, it crosses over a point and there is where both parties meet up. Some just a point but some join together until the end. Some will split in the mid way and crossing another lines or just end of like that. No matter what, life goes on…..

  • February 24, 2009 - 4:48 am

    Mimi - I am speechless, the way you write it down. the words are so beautiful, and yet, the story so sad. you really loved…

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