Movie Review (Possible Spoiler) Angels and Demons

Just watch the movie last time and kinda like the movie compare to some other which shown recently in cinema.

This movie is a film adaptation of Dan Brown’s eponymous novel, released on May 15, 2009. It is the sequel to The Da Vinci Code, another Brown film adaptation, although the novel Angels & Demons was published and takes place before the novel The Da Vinci Code. Tom Hanks reprises the lead role of Robert Langdon.

The movie started with Pope’s funeral in the Vatican and switches to CERN, the research facility in Geneva whereby the team is doing their first creation of antimatter. Someone stolen the antimatter and kill off the researcher in the lab. Then Robert Langdon were invited by Vatican Police to Vatican and on the way told him about the kidnapping of four cardinals who one of them will succeed as Pope. The kidnapper seems to be from Illuminati and threaten to kill cardinals every hours starting 8pm and end up with explosion at mid night.

The whole story now continue on how Robert Langdon trace back the history of this mistery Illuminati and the conflict between Vatican and them back in year 1668. The attack seems to be seen as the vengeance on the Vatican which will be a shock by the end of the movie

Same as The Da Vinci Code Movie, this movie received a lot of critics during the filming and according to wikipedia source, there are some of the comments for sharing:

  • CBS News interviewed a priest working in Santa Susanna, who stated the Church did not want their churches to be associated with scenes of murder. A tour guide also stated most priests do not object to tourists who visit out of interest after reading the book, a trend which will continue after people see the film. “I think they are aware that it’s, you know, a work of fiction and that it’s bringing people into their churches.”Grazer deemed it odd that although The Da Vinci Code was a more controversial novel, they had more freedom shooting its film adaptation in London and France.[7] Italian authorities hoped the filmmakers corrected the location errors in the novel, to limit the amount of explaining they will have to do for confused tourists.
  • William A. Donohue, president of the Catholic League, has not called for a boycott, but has requested that Catholics inform others about alleged anti-Catholic sentiments in the story. “My goal… is to give the public a big FYI: Enjoy the movie, but know that it is a fable. It is based on malicious myths, intentionally advanced by Brown-Howard.” A Sony executive responded they were disappointed Donohue had not created attention for the film closer to its release date.Howard criticized Donohue for prejudging the film, responding it could not be called anti-Catholic since Langdon protects the church, and because of its depiction of priests who support science.
  • Rajan Zed felt Angels & Demons would bring confusion and create stereotypes in the minds of some audiences. He added that the filmmakers should have handled the subject more sensitively as cinema is a very powerful medium In India, parts of the movie were censored following complaints from local Christian communities.
  • The official Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano has called the film “”harmless entertainment”, giving it a positive review and acknowledging “The theme is always the same: a sect versus the church, [but] this time, the church is on the side of the good guys.”[21][22] Beforehand, it had stated it would not approve the film, while La Stampa reported the Vatican would boycott it. However, it also quoted Archbishop Velasio De Paolis as saying a boycott would probably just have the “boomerang effect” of drawing more attention to Angels & Demons and make it more popular.


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