My Iphone vs My HTC Cruise

Recently, I change my HTC Cruiser phone to Iphone 3G with Maxis package. Reason being, I have been with Maxis for years, so, no big deal on the monthly commitment for another 24 months.. ok well come back to the phone, there are few features which I would like to share, in term of comparison. I am not that technical guy, just simply based on how I feel after using it for couple of weeks for sharing purpose. Here we go:


  • HTC cruise is obviously thicker compare to Iphone but i would say, they are more or less the same with the weight and measurement
  • HTC- 2.8inches and 240×320 with 65k colours vs Iphone-3.5inches and 480×320 resolution
  • HTC Cruise hv 2 cameras (front and back) for video call compare to iphone
  • Battery Usage. hmm, not sure why, but my iphone battery life does not last me for more than a day, I need to recharge them on daily basis
  • Components and parts- you will be crazy to look at the price tag for one cable of iphone cost you RM89……….

From Switch On to Ready for usage

  • Iphone take about 15 sec while my HTC cruiser took almost a min to get ready

Storage place

  • Iphone come with 8GB and 16GB storage
  • HTC Cruiser with external memory card and mine was 4GB


  • I didnt experience any Mobile “hang” with my Iphone compare to HTC Cruiser which gave me the problem from time to time. At one time, after I set the alarm clock for my morning wake up call and it hang which results me overslept!

User Interface

  • Iphone have a better interface and more user friendly compare to HTC Cruiser, however, if you have a larger size fingers, you might have problem on the touch screen on iphone. Even my fingers are not large size, i do have issue on selecting some of the option on screen some times
  • SMS features- both virtual keypad for Iphone and Cruiser hv its own strength and weakness but I prefer cruiser which gave me more choices of virtual keypads available compare to iphone.


  • My overall feel is HTC cruiser is more for working group while as some of my friends said, iphone is more for entertainment. Of course, all the games and fun applications must be purchased from Itunes Store unless you “jailbreak” it or you using some trial version of the games which hv limits i.e levels and details
  • I am a person who is very forgetful and rely a lot on the alert and calendars. Both phones give me the same features but for alarm clock, for Iphone, once you turn off the phone, even when the time is up, it will not turn on and alert you accordingly.
  • Itunes have tons of applications (from funny and lame applications to important application) which will sure suit your taste and your needs for iphones
  • Podcast is one of the best features I like for iphone which you can download it and listen or watch whenever you like, there are thousands of podcast featuring and updating from time to time from free to chargeable per episodes
  • Motion Sensors games are FUN FUN FUN for iphone
  • Safari as browser is much better for iphone


  • I wont even call google map in Iphone a GPS to me.. I prefer Garmin and even mapking in my HTC Cruiser are much better than Iphone GPS

Camera Features

  • I dont use the features that often but HTC cruise having better camera compare to Iphone with video function and add one camera in front for 3G communication. For Iphone, I heard you need to download an application in order for you to use for video purpose, of course you have to pay for it

That’s all I can think of at this moment and shall add on from time to time.. again, this is purely on how I feel on both mobile phone, you could always check on web for details specifications and other expert users review…see ya


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