What I have in My Iphone

Recently, one of my friend share his Iphone applications with me.. well, sometimes, too many applications in itunes store which make us confuse and yet, how true are those reviews and feedback on these applications by those unknown users. So, why not among friends we share out our list of applications?

Here it goes for mine beside the standard applications that come with by Maxis:

Sort by frequent of usage

  • Twitterrific – use this almost hourly if i am off from the Pc/Laptop
  • Facebook- My 2nd Priority after Twitter
  • Black & White Chess (Games)- Leusire time to challenge my brain juice. Hard Level is too easy
  • Strait Times- Important for news
  • Wikipanion
  • HeavyMach (Games) –Just bomb bomb bomb!
  • 400 Sounds- Just to annoy someone
  • Light Saber- A funny tool, iphone act as light saber, swing with sound effect and best of all, with background music
  • FGT Lite (Games)- Ferrari Racing Game for My Benjamin
  • RhinoBall (Games)- Funny and hard to control
  • Special Ops (Games)
  • Time Crisis (Games)
  • BSkies (Games)
  • Cooking Mama (Games)- ??? for my Amanda
  • Star War Unleashed (Games)
  • ifighter (Games)- Good old classic game for me and my Benjamin
  • FishFrenzy (Games)
  • Toilet Trainer (Games)- How to aim the toilet bowl.lol.. if u think this is easy? try it out !!!
  • Choco Shop (Games)- For my Amanda
  • iTalk
  • Y!Music
  • Poses Vol 3- Good for posing reminder
  • WordWeb
  • Pandora Box
  • Dictionary- You never know when you need one
  • iTranslate- You never know when you need one
  • Pac Man (Games)
  • Penguin (Games)- funny penguin use themselve as weapon to attack polar bear
  • A+ Burger Shop (Games)
  • Fairies Lite (Games)
  • Anti Mosquito- Never know if it works, it say release sound which we, human ear cant hear but can chase away mosquito
  • iDare (Games)- Lame game for lame people like me sometimes lol
  • Currency- Important for travel
  • Chinese Calendar
  • Skype


  • June 4, 2009 - 3:59 pm

    andychin - how many games you want to have? ;p

  • June 4, 2009 - 4:20 pm

    Robin Ng - thanks for sharing brother!

  • June 11, 2009 - 5:44 pm

    Ashley Woo - Ed, Bejeweled 2 is nice! Go get it. Tap Tap Revenge 2 is funky!! iBowl is cool!!! Airport Mania is cute. 😀

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