A testimonial from Adrian & Racheal (Wedding Date: 4th-5th July)

As a photographer, it is always best to know someone especially your client who appreciate your work. As what Racheal said, I know her for 10 months, over msn and email and never regret to have both of them as my friends…

Racheal, I will upload those photos in recent Melbourne meeting later ooo hahahahaha


To the two amazing photographers, Edwin & Stephen

I’ve always believed in recommendations, and it is through this fortunate event that I met Edwin Tan and Stephen Low.

I can’t say that I’ve been the easiest client to deal with as I reside in a different country but thankfully Edwin has patience (and speed) therefore most of the discussions were made easy via email and MSN chats. Edwin & Stephen, you have no idea how glad I was when you agree to hold the 4th July spot for me. I am very very lucky. You both are very trusting and so easy to work with. You make photography fun.

Thanks for taking onboard with open arms the idea of trash the dress. This is one thing I have wanted to do for so long and when I know you both were up for it, in that instance I knew I’ve made the right choice. I don’t know what special diet you two are on, but both of you have so much energy even in that intense heat after running all over the place for camera angles. I burned out so quickly during our trash the dress session and mind you, all I had to do was pose and wasn’t even required to smile at all. Sigh. It’s a major case of tayar pancet on my part as well as Adrian’s. Sorry sorry!

Anyway, to Edwin, it’s been a real pleasure knowing you 10 months ago. In that short period of time, you have obviously achieved numerous awards and personal life goals. It’s nice to see you excel in this field doing something you so dearly love. Kudos, Edwin.

To Stephen, you’re a wonderful person. He’s shy in a very cute way which is why I couldn’t refrain myself from teasing him at every chance I get. But you must not let him fool you, because behind that face is a very serious photographer at work. He knows what he wants and he will come get it from you. Thumbs up, Stephen.

Edwin and Stephen, as you are probably aware by now Adrian hates to be photographed but you two somehow managed put him at such ease, he almost looked natural. You will not believe that up until the 4th July afternoon he was still thinking that the whole trash the dress was just a big joke.

It has been such an honour and amazing experience working with the both of you. The pictures are awesome!! There is no need for an ice breaker because they are so friendly and most importantly, they are unbelievably responsive, punctual and quick as well. I’ve been shocked so many times and was left wondering “How the hell did they get here so fast?”.

Lastly, Edwin and Stephen, Adrian and I wish you both all the best, may your hopes and dreams come true and I look forward to see where your creativity and hard work take you in the future.

Adrian & Racheal



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