3D movie- Up (possible spoiler)

It has been years since I watch 3D movie in cinema. I cant hardly recall the last 3D movie I watch. All I remember, I was with my parent watched one of the 3D movie and still in primary school I think. Today is the 1st day for the movie “UP” shown in local cinema and since I seen the triller before, I decide to give it a try on 3D effect which cost me RM16 per ticket. This is a 96 mins length movie by Disney Digital 3-D Pixar Animation Studios which released in US since May 2009

I was totally impressed by the story line, the moral behind the story and the colours of the 3D effect!

Up started when Carl meets Ellie during their childhood who admire the famous explorer Charles Muntz. Ellie, who lays out her plan to Carls on her dream which one day live at South America’s famed Paradise Falls. They end up getting married, go thru the path of their marriage life and Ellies dies which Carl is left alone, a widower who lost the love of his life. That was really a touching moment to me…..

Until one day a boy called Russell who hoping to earn his Wilderness Explorer Assisting the Elderly badge by helping Carl while Carl trying to escape from being send to old folks home by leashing his house to millions of bright balloons and floating away. The new adventure of Carl and Russell begin to the paradise of falls…………

Another part of the movie which I felt touched:

When Carl looking at Ellie’s adventure book, after the page of “things to do” when they reach paradise of falls, it shown all the moments of their life spend together till the day both of them get old and the last page :

Ellie: [her last message to Carl] Thanks for the adventure. Now go have one of your own.

This is a wonderful movie and with 3D effect assistance, it complete the whole movie. A movie that you never want to miss….


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