Between Last CNY & This CNY

Just back from my mum’s place after reunion dinner, after putting all my clothes into washing machine, here I am, sitting in front of my desk, with my coffee with me.. start writing my own review on myself from last Chinese New Year to This coming Chinese New Year. oh, clock showing as 0000hrs, happy chinese new year, I said to myself. I use to be able to hear all the fire crackers start from 0000hrs which at least last for 10-15mins but seems until I type to 3rd lines on this post, it all stop.. economy really that bad huh…

Well, back to my own review.. The Year of Ox, is one of my turning point..why I say so? hmm, some of the major things happen in my life happen on the year, let me share with you, where shall I start? alright, lets start from all the bad or sad issues, shall we?

  • Quit from MyWeddingMomentz, yeah, a company which I use to put so much hope and effort on it..I quit…
  • Divorce, call an end to my 10 years marriage life for better of both
  • Lost half of my teams authority and control under my full time job management
  • Never win any top 3 awards in Wedding Photos

good things happen:

  • Won 1st place in Photo Competition on Treasure of the Rainforest Photography Conference and Challenge
  • Won 16th place in Trash The Dress (TTD) Portrait of 3QTR 2009, AGWPJA
  • Visited 7 countries within a year for both business trip and wedding photography
  • Overseas Prewedding assignment in multiple countries including Bali, Sydney, Melbourne, Nante, Santorini, Paris and London
  • Sold my house in Cheras (yes, it is a good thing to me, it was a burden for the past 5 years)
  • My new full time teams perform 135% above target given
  • Met up with some of my old schoolmates which lost in touch for more than 2o years

The list may go on and on and on…then I start realize, all the bad things isn’t really that bad to me..

  • Quit from MyWeddingMomentz, let me have the freedom and able to expand further in my wedding photography path
  • End of my marriage life means end of both of our mystery life.. yes, it might be bad for my kiddo at the beginning, but we are doing our best not to affect them..rather than let them see how both of us argue in front of them every now and then…
  • Lost my authority and number of headcount under my control means I can focus more on my new tasks given.
  • Never win any top 3 awards in wedding photography doesn’t means I didn’t capture the moments of my client’s wedding which last for their life time.

So, it is now depends on how we look at things, take it positively and you will see life in different way. Life is short, no point to look back and feel sad or regret about the things that we have done as long as we learn from it, move forward with a new tomorrow.

At the beginning of year 2010, I have set up my own new year resolution, and it is all based on what I did and how I go thru my year of Ox. I accept less wedding assignment job, go for workshop to improve my skill and my artwork and the same time, spending more time with my kiddo…planning traveling plan to fulfill my dream and clearing all my debts and stop purchasing new gears to ease off my finance situation…

Recently, when I was driving back from work, I turn on the radio and there was one of the greeting message from a HongKong TVB actress. She said, whenever she is unhappy, she turn on the map, then she will  feel relief, the world is so big, and earth is only 1/6000 of Sun in term of size.. don’t look at your life thru a keyhole. Sometimes, things that we hate, argue and fight for as it was just a tinny things in the universe.

and so, few days back, I send a message to one of my friend who have a long list of misunderstanding history with me, I took the courage and apologize to him on all the misunderstanding while hoping we can start fresh again for the friendship. I never did anything similar to this before… and as I said, life is short, I don’t wanna have any regret in my life later-on on the things that I should do but never…

Some of the photographers may prefer to post all their best of the year photos as to represent their work in the previous years like top 10 best images for showcase and also a good memory of the year. I tried.. believe me, I did.. I search over my data bank and trying to look for the best images that I have capture for the year of Ox.. out of hundred thousands of clicks on my shutter,(just change my shutter, so it is confirm over hundred thousand clicks)  of course, I can show you at least top ten of my favourate images here.. and when I trying to put on it….there are two things that keep bothering me…

One, I believe the best wedding photos is still out there.. waiting for me to capture it thru my eye…

Two, No matter how good the wedding photos that I capture, when back to my initial point when I started to pick up this hobby, is to capture the moments of my family.

so, I present to you, my best images of the year of Ox captured at Chinese New Year Eve Reunion Dinner and My Mum’s birthday :

Nothing is more important than my 2 little kiddo. You complete my life...

Today is my mum's birthday too, we celebrate her birthday every chinese new year eve and this is her 62's birthday, happy birthday mum, I love you..

Nothing is more important than spending the time together in the family and enjoying each moments of our life together

Happy Birthday Mum…..

Life is short, appreciate everything beside you today and live the day like it is the last day on earth…

  • February 14, 2010 - 7:33 am

    CY - Ed ko, I truly agree with you on this stmt “Recently, when I was driving back from work, I turn on the radio and there was one of the greeting message from a HongKong TVB actress. She said, whenever she is unhappy, she turn on the map, then she will feel relief, the world is so big, and earth is only 1/6000 of Sun in term of size.. don’t look at your life thru a keyhole. Sometimes, things that we hate, argue and fight for as it was just a tiny things in the universe.” (She is Maggie Siu Mei Kei).

    ka yau ah!!!

  • February 14, 2010 - 10:23 am

    Ashley Woo - Happy Chinese New Year Ed! Happy belated birthday to your mom! May you have a great year of tiger! Kampateh!

  • February 15, 2010 - 2:47 pm

    Connie Kremer - this year, due of no school holiday at Germnay, i unable to join CNY celebration in Malaysia. i pretty upset that no cny feeling here. even my kids are not interested in CNY celebrating. your photos inspirate me a lot. because i dont have marriage photos. every times look at my friends wedding album, i am so envy. i can not blame my husband. due to short vocation at malaysia. we really do not have time to capture photos and the photographer can not finish the task within 1 or 2 weeks.after 3 years marriage, all passion seems gone. and both of us never mention wedding photos shooting again. the life is short….the world is big..those sadness and unhappy should put inside a box and never try to open it. wish you have happy and innovative new year….viel spaß

  • February 18, 2010 - 10:36 am

    Grace Tan - Thanks for sharing these things so openly. As you said, though we go through tough times, there is always a silver lining to the cloud. And what cannot break us, will make us stronger. Wishing you all the best for this coming year in your personal life and also business.

  • February 24, 2010 - 11:43 pm

    Isabelle - I’m really so touch to read this, in life us always up and down… In any situation that’s always both negative and positive side it’s depends on how we look at things.

    The best things is always around us but most of us don’t seem to knowing it. Value, treasure and appreciate everything we have it now, what we have now might nor be yours tomorrow.

    Forgiveness is the most valueble gift in live….

    wish you have a great start for 2010 and may all your wish come true…

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