those days with game console

Last night, pick up console xbox360 again and once I stick on it, it is like a magic glue which last me for a couple of hours. Come to think of it, it was more than a year since I touch on any game consoles. I like games a lot.

Still remember the first game I played was those classic game pad with monochrome colour..I was 5-6 years old with all those famous games like Donkey Kong, Pac Man.. later on when I was studying in primary school, I went to my friend’s house for Atari ‘s game during the weekend…I never own any game console nor PC until I was in secondary school, form 3 with nitendo, those days, the game cartridge is huge with some favorite games like mario brother, battle city, chip’s n dale, 1942… oh also worth mentioning are those PC games.. The first PC games I ever played is Karateka at my friend’s house lol.. then it was Taipan, a very classic monochrome PC games for trading.. then the colour PC version game of Test Drive. Yes, those were the days where PC only come with 1 MB HDD, monitor with only 256 colours.. hahahah but I do enjoy all those moments…

When I can afford my own PC and game console, PS1, PS2, Xbox360, those games started coming into my storage like Romance of 3 kingdoms, Ghost Recon, Resident Evil, Final Fantasy, GT, GTA, Fatal Frame, Need for Speed, Gear of War, Street Fighter, Soul Calibur & etc. At one time, those games discs fully occupied all my cabinets and my time. Then this also recall another story.. story where I went for interview as marketing manager for one of the local online game company.. hahaha yes, it is.. I think I was one of the final 2 for the management to decide with 3 interview within 2 days. Well, too bad, they never employ me hahahaha.. I remember the CEO ask me one question, why do you think people like to play games? especially online games? I cant answer.. because I am one of them and I cant see myself why…later on, he gave an answer which I think is very true…he said:

“Online gamers is trying to get their fantasy in the virtual world, a world where they can be what they want, a hero, warrior, sorceress, police enforcement, powerful evil, kungfu fighter, military soldiers.. it is all up to your imagination, away from their real life..”

well, this is very true, however, it is also important not to be addicted to it and lose yourself in the virtual world .. dont forget your family and friends around you (who dont play games together with you)…it can release some of your real world stresses but can never take over the real world from you…

  • July 27, 2010 - 11:07 am

    Nicholas Leong - Finding it hard to find time to play games these days! My BioShock 2 still sitting there waiting for me to complete it.

    Still got Alan Wake, Red Dead Redemption, and so many other games to play!

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