Skyline – my review on this movie (possible spoiler)

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When I watch the trailer during my last visit in Cinema, I told myself.. hey, not bad with the special effect. So, I decided to watch it last night and this is what I personally think:

  • special effect – not bad at all, at least, it doesnt seems like a B class movie to me. I love the scene on the poster too.
  • haha, The main character was using Canon 5D mark II when trying to capture the “Alien’s moments”
  • The first 30mins of the movie on how the couple arrived in the city and the birthday party is just non relevant to the movie
  • The more I watch, the more I think I am wasting my $$ in this movie. Why?  I felt like it is the mixture of all aliens movie..
    • The Alien looks like the one in “Matrix”
    • The jet fighter against alien spaceship looks like “Independent Day” to me
    • The main character punching hard on the alien looks like “Independet Day” to me
    • The way they put the story like “Cloverfield” when the giant monster attack on the street & when the alien searching for human life form, “Wars of the World”
    • At the end when the main character turn into alien form, it become “District 9” to me !!

based on the ending, seems there will be part 2 out soon and I am not sure if I will pay for the tickets again..


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