A Check on myself 2010/2011

Year 2010 was a fantastic year for me especially when it related to my passion- photography.

First of all, look at the milestones I achieved for the past one year :

Awards and Achievement:

  • 1 Silver Award & 6 Bronze Awards from Creative Asia out of 7 submission
  • 18th place in WPJA Q3 2010 – Others vendor
  • 16th place in AGWPJA Q3 2010 – Creative Portrait – Bride Alone
  • 3rd place in First Half Int’l Photography Competition 2010 WPPI , Category- “Group”
  • 4 Accolades of Excellent for First Half Int’l Photography Competition 2010 WPPI
  • 11th place in AGWPJA Q2 2010 – Getting Ready
  • 7 Honorable Mention of IPA (International Photography Awards) 2010 Professional Category
  • Featured by Canon Camera Malaysia on DSLR Photography Magazine (August Issue)
  • Featured by Camerapixo, Poland on front page cover & special highlight 15 pages
  • 2nd Place in AGWPJA Q1 2010 – Ceremony
  • 5 Accolades of Excellence for WPPI 16 x 20 Prints Competition 2010

It was almost 3 times compare to my year 2009 results including featured in 2 magazines and achieve more than 14,000 fans in my facebook fan page and what more? We achieve 1.2 million hit on my website in Dec 2010 itself.

Beside, I am lucky enough to travel among countries for prewedding assignments including more than 15 cities : Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Fremantle, Bali, Paris,Loire Valley , London, Prague, Rome, Tuscany, Sienna, Chanti, Krumlov, Hong Kong,Macau, Phuket. It is really an eye opening for me been to all these places seeing different cultures and landscape.

I also did a few sessions of my photography path sharing in local uni – MMU (Multi Media University) and part time instructor for photography classes at OUM (Open University) and TPG (The Professional Gallery).

In my own full time work, my 2 sub teams achieved great results and out perform the target given by HQ with my committed team mates. Without their support, I cant travel to places for my passion.

When come to my family, as I reduce half of the quantity of wedding assignment taken compare to year 2009, I was able to pick up more time spend with my kiddo and I still think it is not enough at this moment.

So, where will I be in year 2011? adjust my wedding photography package pricing? Setup Gallery? Quit my full time job and work as photographer for my full time job? well, a lot of my friends and clients were asking the same questions to me. I guess I have make up my mind not to think of any of those at this moment……

Even I achieve all the above, but I didn’t achieve much on what I set for my 2010 new year resolution. I will revisit all my goals again and work towards it which :

1. Reduce my body weight to 60kgs and improve my health with better diet and life style

2. Spend more time with my loves one and family members

3. Have a true vacation for myself in Tasmania

4. Reduce all my debts with better financial control

5. Back to basic on my photography path. Let my passion grow even stronger and continue to capture the moments that last for a life time.

6. Working on New Project in my full time job and get another success story

All these cant be done without supports from friends and love one , family members of course. I will remind myself to stay away from politics, avoid argument and be patience on the things I work on.

Alright , 2011, here I come…Let’s Do It!

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