First Day of Chinese New Year 2011

Today is first day of Chinese New Year 2011. Thanks to the previous Tiger Year which really gave me a lot of changes in  my photography path . I just did a quick check and in year 2010 itself, I have more than 34 awards and recognitions for my photography  including WPPI, AGWPJA, WPJA, IPA , featured by Canon Malaysia on DSLR Photography August issue, Featured 15 pages of highlights in Camerapixo, Poland with front page and also a tutor for Open University. Beside, I traveled to multiple countries for prewedding and destination wedding including France, Australia, Italy, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Macau,United Kingdom, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand. Our fan page in facebook also achieve more than 15k fans itself.

Same time, I have a great team mates in my full time job which supported me and achieve target given by top management with flying colours. In my personal life, I was able to spend more time with my love one and family. It was one of the great years in my life with friends supports.

When I woke up this morning, I am still thinking about the message my full time job boss send to me on my reunion dinner last night. It wasn’t a pleasant message and it didn’t come in the right time at all.  It really make me thinking where should I head to in year 2011. 1st month of year 2011 is just over, my wedding photography assignment is almost 80% full and I am transferring to night shift in March itself working from 12am till 9am with a  given new challenge project in this year itself. I am not afraid of such project challenge since I have been handling similar project for the past 5 years in my company but I am worry on my working hours. It is basically what I call a vampire working hours. Will I get used to the timing? how about my time with love one and family members. Everything seems to be a big question marks for me. I know clearly it wont be the same like what I had in year 2010. Whichever path I select, it wont be a smooth sailing journey… waves of tough decisions and changes will be coming in my way. According to Chinese Horoscope, this will be a very tough year for ox like me…. hey.. I am already 38… beside last year, I never really read any good sign about my Chinese horoscope on every year review..and I am still here. it is just my life.. and it make me stronger every time after I go thru it. I been thru seen a lot in my life especially for the past 10 years..what I learn from it is… nothing is more important than having the time with our loves one and do what we love to without hurting others.

Life is short, while money is important to me , it doesn’t represent the whole part of my life. I wanna live my life without regret and chase after my dreams while spending time with my loves one together. There is a choice…………it will always be a choice……

I capture this image of the drummer soldier this morning. It not only brought back my childhood memory, and also remind me on how simple our life use to be when we were young. The older we grow, we tend to forget what we are looking for in our life and lost ourselves in the path without any sense of direction

In year 2011, I only have a simple wish – Happy Always

  • February 4, 2011 - 9:46 am

    Eddie Lee - Edwin, i am so happy to see what you have achieved last year, and the most inspiring news is to hear that you have spend lot of time with your love ones 🙂 . Life is a adventures , every turns and decisions that you made will add on to this adventures that you are living…it might not be smooth and might not turn out how you would want it, but its how you overcome every obstacle and learn from it is what make this life so interesting:) That is how i look at my life and never regret to see where it brought me till where i am today 🙂 . May you have the wisdom to overcome and live this wonderful life this year and years to come , CHEERS!!!!!

  • February 4, 2011 - 9:50 pm

    Jessyca - Huat ar~~~~!!!

  • February 5, 2011 - 3:19 am

    Jeffro - Am amazed by your success… Seeing how you’ve put your effort in your works, and earned/achieved substantially with acknowledgment from many parties, simple motivates me to do my best as well.

    “The older we grow, we tend to forget what we are looking for in our life and lost ourselves in the path without any sense of direction” – A good reminder for all of us =)

    Happy (Chinese) New Year Edwin =) May your success continue on peaking, each time, to a greater height =)

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