Subang Empire Shopping Mall Explosion 28/09/2011

How I feel After Posting images: well, after updated my images in facebook , there are a lot of feedback from public and some even until the extend of stealing my image and change the watermark and place in their own website and blog, those including online medias and bloggers. It was really disappointing on such thieving action. Beside, some of the comments were trying to be funny and making a joke out of it while some were so blur didnt know what is going on until they saw the post. I am not sure how those people can still make a joke out of it. It happen in a shopping mall and luckily it was in the middle of the night. Just imagine, if the explosion goes off in Subang Empire during the busy working hours or lunch time, there might be hundred of casualties and how could you making jokes on this incident?

Updated news : I am so angry that bloggers and even media stealing my image which i took via my iphone without my permission and some even put in their own watermark! how can they do this? they dont even respect copyright? So far only China Press ask for permission with proper bnwhite .. really feel sad !


3.45am, I was awake by a loud explosion noise when I was taking my nap on my office sofa during my night shift. Initially, I thought it was just a loud thunder and didnt pay any attention and go back to zzzz. Few minutes later, my staff woke me up and said “boss, evacuate! there is an earth quake!!” without thinking much. I went down together with all my office mate… When we reach ground floor, I notice from far that there are Bomba / Firefighters trucks in front of Subang Empire Mall and worse of all, there were thick smoke in the air and I saw fire in front of the mall’s main entrance!  We rush to the open space car park and cant believe our eyes on the damage of the mall itself with fire! One of my staff check with the firefighter and came to know that the initial suspect was gas pipe in lower ground floor leaked and exploded. While I calling my big bosses to inform on the situation, here come the ambulance around 4.15am. More and more people are gathering, some of them are from the soho units of Empire and some are the guests from Empire hotel… more firefighter trucks, ambulance and policemen arrived and start setting the barrier to stop others going near the scene while they were conducting a search. My boss and HR personnel arrived  around 4.40am and the firefighter told us it is ok for us to go back to our office building without even checking if there is any damage on our building…. following couple of hours when the normal morning staff / workers coming to work and with police block, the whole Subang area was congested with cars and curious pedestrians… there are even rumors that it was a car bomb and some tweet even telling that the whole building was collapsed.   Well, I managed to capture a few photos with my DSLR and iphone.. and here there are :

  • September 28, 2011 - 3:41 pm

    nelson lin - very impressive pixs !

  • September 29, 2011 - 2:12 am

    Dennis Ku - Hey!.. Nice pics.. Too bad you can’t sue those who took ur pics…

  • September 29, 2011 - 11:02 am

    Pictures of Subang Empire Explosion - […] the explosion here.Photo credit to Subang Jaya Badminton Club, estate123, and AsiaRoom. Thanks to Edwin Tan for letting me know some of the pictures I fetched from Facebook and Google Images are actually […]

  • September 29, 2011 - 12:21 pm

    TanArman - Thanks for sharing. Nice photo.

  • September 30, 2011 - 10:27 am

    Stephen Chu - Very professional shot !

  • October 3, 2011 - 7:38 pm

    Jessica - nice shots~ wondering how can you go so near to shoot?

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