to my two little kiddo

playing one of my favourate Kitaro’s music – matsuri tonight while working on my photo editing…just like the nights I spend 19 years ago.. it was played over and over again 19 years ago when I was doing my artwork in the middle of the night. Those were one of my toughest time in my life. I was 19 years old, just completed my secondary school program and it was my 2nd year in The One Academy. Back then, I thought I was talented artist. After my SPM, unlike other classmates from science stream to continue their study in form six or overseas further study, I quit and join The One Academy for commerce art class. With only a few sketching, Tatsun approve me as one of their first batch of student. First year was still fine with me even though I didnt turn out to be the talented student in class, I was still trying my best then and surviving.. it was until the 2nd year when our family had the financial crisis. Everything became very tough.. I cant afford to even buying any posters colour tube… I had to spend overnight at my class mate’s house to use their airbrush machine for my homework.. I worked midnight at government building as cleaner brushing their floor.. I gave tuition to primary school children on every morning, when to college in the afternoon, conducted art class on weekend and did my homework every late night..I walked miles and miles away just to take a cheaper transportation to travel to college… none of the relatives even care how we were doing back then.. they didn’t even show their faces in our front gate worrying that we might borrow money from them..I didn’t know what to do.. the course fees was like a mountain to me every month I was so worry I didn’t have enough money to pay it…it was my saddest decision to quit my study and start looking for a job. Yes.. I remember my first job.. RM445 per month as a depot clerk.. I use to hate my family and myself.. why can’t I like my other class mates who didn’t score well study in overseas? why a top student like me only working as a clerk? where is my future? what can i be?

A year later…I finally wake up from all these.. with little saving over the year of overtime and hardworking, I enroll myself for evening class, begin my study in marketing field…2 years later, I completed my first professional degree and get into my shipping industry life.. over the years I climbing up in the corporate world, I didnt forget about my passion in art and interest I developed during those days in The One Academy… finally 4 years ago.. I picked up my first DSLR and start going crazy, madly in love with wedding photography…it was just like filling up the missing part during my twenties…

Photography become part of my life now… beside shooting wedding photography, every day without fail, I will be visiting those masters’s artwork websites and get inspired! I feel so excited just by looking at their is like a booster and vitamins for me that keep me going for better images, hunger to capture more.. like someone I heard before, The best image is at the next assignment…

My two little is just like roller coaster, one day.. if you feel tired and wanna give up on what you are pursuing.. please dont….never give up so easily in your life…I remember one of the motivation course I attend saying that we are born as a fighter, a champion…why? hey, we are one out of the million sperms who swim all the way to the ovary and we are the first out of million! so, why are we now not living as a fighter and winner?  if your daddy can do it, I am sure you can do better than your old man… dare to dream and pursue all the way!


  • October 25, 2011 - 1:17 am

    Mimi Lossy - your kids can be proud of their daddy!!!!

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