what is your expectation?

i just read one of my photographer buddy ‘s email from his client which she think photographers are the magician !
with his permission, let me share some of the points that brought up by the client:


-Can touch up facial expression to look more refresh?
-Can make the door proportion?
-Can you use my husband’s face from image XXXX and my face from YYYY for the image on NNNN ?
-I like the image of XXXX but my eyes are closed, can you edit it ?
-for the reflection image, can you edit away all reflection and just leave one there?
-can you remove the car behind us? just focus on me and the pots will do
-can you edit our face expression to have more feel?
-Can edit the lighting? For sky, I don’t mind if you use fake backgrounds etc to make it pretty…
– Can edit these photos into close up photos that can be enlarged?
-Can edit my armpit ?
– Can remove the furniture around us? ..just focus on my face and ceiling lights


even though he explain what “touch up” and “post process” mean during the meeting and discussion, he receive a full-page long list with such request.

As a professional wedding photographer, I am not sure if I can laugh about this or shall I feel sad ? I guess his client need illustrator , Photoshop expert (a photoshoper?? ) and not a photographer.

so, what is your expectation?

  • November 3, 2011 - 12:48 am

    Brian Chong - In the end they’ll ask for discount because they think they’re the director, and the photographer is now just a voice-activated photo-editing tool. 🙂

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