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Whenever a stranger’s wedding photo pop out on our news feed, it is not surprising at all for most of us to follow the link and view more of them. It is many girls’ wish to have their wedding photos taken artistically, not just by any random photographer who does it for the money, but an aesthete who takes art seriously. Edwin Tan, a young wedding photographer from Malaysia, is a man who has bagged over 50 awards and achievements with his near impeccable talent in photography. With only less than 5 years being in the wedding photography expertise, his achievement is highly impressive.

Edwin Tan is a member of well-known associations, namely the Australian Institute of Professional Photography and the Artistic Guild of the Wedding Photojournalist Association. Some people would presume that professional photographers have stern personality and demand for perfection in every shot. However, with Edwin Tan’s easy-going nature will unwind you and your partner as the shoot goes on. Natural is what he wishes to capture, as well as a couple’s uniqueness. Edwin Tan has a story on his mind whenever he attends a photoshoot, and the couple will be the one who creates the continuing chapter.

As a photographer, Edwin Tan is very adaptable to last minute changes. He has received multiple compliments about his carefree personality and how it helped these couples when doing a live shoot. Besides, he’s dedicated and patient. He’s willing to travel to places in order to aid couples in getting their satisfaction. Photos coexist with memories, which is why you must have great wedding photos to preserve these beautiful stories to tell for decades to come.

Of course, his talent is the first of the many reasons why so many newlyweds have gone to him to get their wedding photos taken. He has an eye for the best angle to shoot from, hence his photos are done with amazing composure. Besides, he’s a master of tones. He’s willing to play with colours and superb edits in order to present to you the effects best fit a picture. His sample shots at http://edwintcg.com/ would be the best proof you can have.

As you hesitate about whether to hire one of the best professionals in town to shoot on your wedding, your consideration may have already been fully occupied. So book a slot with your favourite photographer well ahead of your big day.




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