Merry Christmas !

This morning I receive a message from a friend concerning about me.. saying that he heard someone told him I have some argument with Paul and Edmund. I was shock and in fact I  receive the call  from Paul the other night asking me if I heard it? It really spoil my day.. later on, I found out that one of the rumors spreader was not even close to me and yet, they can just spread all these without even thinking of any consequences. All my friends asking me not to bother on it.. but I really cant stop thinking what will do good to those people? Seems that they really have nothing to do while I am busy on my workload here! One of the rumor spreader even said he heard a lot on my issues and plenty just use it as a topic for their chit chat!  谣言止于智者。Please..stop all these nonsense… if you are smart enough..
Over the past 4  years in Wedding Photography, even it is not that long history in wedding industry,  I have seen a lot, heard a lot.. seriously, I am a bit disappointing with these issues. I have been keeping myself away from all these politics / gossip  issues and yet.. it come to your door steps. Paul ask me, hey, you dare to confront the rumors spreader? I answer, why not, this is what I cant tolerate in my life. Why cant they spend the energy into something positive? do a charity event, shooting better images, there are a lot of things in this world that they can is short my friends….I pity you…


Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is to continue enjoying my wedding photography shooting, spending quality time with loves one and family members and have good friends around. Others doesn’t really matter anymore.. that I promise myself start from tonight.




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