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The first word that pops’s into my head when I think of Edwin Tan is he is nothing but a pure GENIUS!! That is the only word I can think of to describe how talented this guy is.When I was planning for my wedding…a great photographer was my topmost priority…something about his work just seems to stand out among the others. His shots are more that just a picture… it portrays your emotions…what you felt at the exact moment and he manages to capture it and delivers the message even without words being spoken. I knew engaging him as my AD photographer was the best decision I made and I was right!!

When I first obtained my DVD from him, my hubby and I were very anxious. The minute we got home, we rushed to our PC to view our pictures…. The DVD casing was beautiful and I love the handpicked image printed on all the DVDs…superb! And Oh boy!! The pictures came out perfect!! He supersedes our expectations actually…as we go on with the pictures we went “waa” to “wow” to “OMG” till we were lost for words…you totally made my day…

Thank you Edwin…for all the magnificent photographs….they were simply breathtaking!!

Also a special thanks to Alan Leong and Nicholas Leong too…you guys were great!! Thumbs up and keep up the good work…

Stay magical…

Evelynn & Paul

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    Yes, this is a dream to me, I daydream a lot and let me share with you a few of my dreams here. I always dream of creating a website to record every moments of my life and share with my kiddo when their grow up one day and also dream about carrying my cameras and travel around the world, see the world thru my eye,yes, I love travel, it is my ultimate dream to travel around the world, learning thru travel is the best dream I ever have. Dream is an initial point to me. It help me to look at what I really want in my life. As Malaysia Wedding Photographer with international wedding photography membership (WPJA, AGWPJA, WPPI & PPA), I started my photography passion at the end of year 2007. Like most of the beginners, I was purely having fun with my DSLR capturing my family members portraits and events. After attend the talk by one of the master wedding photographer, it change my whole world. I was so touched by the slideshow shown on the projector for the showcase of prewedding and church wedding, the touching moments, the dramatic angles, all these impact was so strong that it hit direct into my heart and awake my passion towards wedding photography. From there onwards, I have focus all my passion on wedding photography and never feel more satisfied when I capture the moments for couple which last for a life time. Whenever I imagine the couple looking back those photos captured by me in ten, fifteen years from now and think, "yeah, that was the moments" "look, how silly you was!" "oh, I cried when I first saw you walks down the aisle i", "yes, I remember what your dad told me that day when he placed your hand in my right hand from his arm after walks down the aisle".. all these keep my heart warm and keep me going on & on for this long path without a single regret or tiredness ...

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