Our world didn’t end on 21st Dec 2012 as predicted by some people and I guess everyone should not take it for granted and instead, take this as a lesson to save the earth, appreciate the one beside you before it is too late. I believe some of us did come across it in our mind last year… what should I do if tomorrow is end of the world? there seems to be a lot of things that yet to be done by me, dreams that yet to be fulfilled as well ! and I am glad I am still living now and continue pursuing my dreams.

Year of Dragon will end soon in couple of hours. So what I have achieved last year?

For those who knows me, all these while, I always thought that I wont resign from my shipping job and focus on photography as I always worry that my passion on photography will fade away if I turn it into a full time job. However, over the year of 2012, things happen around me that change my mind. I finally decided to resign from the management position of the shipping company and join Armadale Weddings as one of the business partners in 2nd half of Year 2012.

Life is short, I might have spend 40% of my life time and now , All I wanna do is to work on things that I like and having the flexible time schedule for my career as well while I still can.

For my new career path,  I would like to express my appreciation to my business partner, Joanne. Without her support and trust, I guess  I wont take such a bold move and I am still sitting in my office everyday day dreaming and wondering if I can be a full time photographer or not. Of course also to our great team members – Jasmine, Adeline, Covan , Foong, Json, Judy, Anna, my 2nd photographers who work very hard and hand in hand for the past one year: Alan and Jason. Dont forget my lovely make up artist Agnes who follow me all over the world for prewedding assignments. With all your support, I can then pursuit my dreams and working closer toward our goals.

Same time, I am thankful that my family members have been always there supporting me no matter what I do. Papa and Mummy, you are the best ! I cant imagine how my world will be without 2 of you too.

I love travel. yeah, we do… Year 2012, we been travel to multiple places .. from Malaysia – Singapore – Indonesia – Australia – Japan – France – United Kingdom – Middle East – Greece  for engagement portrait , prewedding and even destination wedding. Thanks to our clients who engage our services and we are honoured as your official wedding photographers and capture the moments of your life.


Below is one of my favourate travel destination : Santorini. I am glad that we are back to the same place again since 4 years ago and truly a place I wanna be whenever I can for holiday and relaxation. By just looking at the scenery, you will forget about the real world out there…


The Year of Snake is coming. Many predict it will be a difficult year for the world. Well, every year is getting more and more difficult as far as I can recall.Most important is how we gonna face it and take up the challenge positively.  Never give up our dreams easily ! 5 years ago, I was still daydreaming on becoming a photographer .. without moving out from our comfort zone and take the first step , it will remain forever as just another dream of us. so remember:

Life is short. It is Now or Never. 




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