Journey to the East Part 2

continue from part 1,

Again another late night after complete my assignment. While playing back the CD we bought from Lijiang, I pickup some of the images I captured behind the scene at Lijiang before we depart to Shangri-La and share with you…


You know, this is an amazing view from our accommodation at Lijiang. What else could you ask for if every morning you open the window and this is the scene?


a view from our room. I wish to stay here every day


another angle of our room. I do wish my retirement place will be like this. relax and calm feel


this dog has a very “human” name called “ah Loon”. dont be fooled by the face. Ah Loon is a very friendly doggie.


Ester, I guess he miss home a lot. …k la, he miss a lot la


well, she is always ready !


Our tour guide. Tak Kor, who is always on time !


top view of the old town.. too bad, it fill up with satellite disc, lamp post, ATM machine, gifts shops…


kid playing in front of the shop.


a silver accessories shop owner at the old town. the sign beside said, they will pay one to one if anyone have proof that it is fake / non original silver. I leave that judgement to you.


Tak Kor said this part of the town is call Bar Streets. Full of pubs / bars and people from major cities of China will spend their weekend in Lijiang and a place for one night stand. sigh, why in old town? cant they open in other location of Lijiang ?


I just notice I captured a lot of dogs images .. just like Foong who capture a lot of Pigs video clip hahahhaha


model, be it part time or full time , are every where in old town. One of the model waiting for photographer at the alley of the old town


this place is huge and with 3,600 above sea level, it is not an easy walk


hot? no eyes see?


our cinematographer in action ! Ester, he leng chai here leh.. cant see face ma, that why


ada feel wo.. what are you thinking over there ?


Seow Xuan was too tired and fall asleep while waiting for us? hahhahahaha


a superb lighting in this location


Foong” alright, walk walk walk action action action “


be careful on this plant if you happen to see any in Lijiang ! Foong ‘s hand almost chopped off to stop the poison flowing from his palm to the arm !!! hahaha just kidding but it hurts according to Foong… look at the thorns @…@..


Firs trial on star trials. Should have stay longer to complete the lines….


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