Journey to the East Part 3 ( 高地风景)

First of all, pardon me for the images. I am not a landscape photographer…but still I cant hold back and trying my best to capture the spectacular scenery while on our way from Lijiang to Shangrila. Continue from day two , we finally depart from Lijiang to a place called Shangrila. I first come to know this place thru a friend many years ago. When first mention, I thought she was talking about the famous hotel Shangrila until she show me some of her images taken in Shangrila itself, I was totally stunned. That is why when Seow Xuan and Serene told me that they are going to this place for prewedding, I was like on cloud nine !

Under normal route, it should only take us 4 – 5 hours journey with main trunk road from Lijiang to Shangrila and we decided to visit 2 more locations and perform a detour…because of the new additional location, the journey end up took us 12 hours in the van with all the narrow road in btwn the valley and mountains. Agnes , who have car sickness almost sleep all the way thru out the journey and Foong will have no choice but to entertain the old man me all the way.. hahaha okok, half way thru we sleep as well.. too tired for the past 3 days …

Well, this post are mostly scenery images I took whenever we have a stop in btwn the journey. Let me share with you…..


One of the snow mountain on the way, remind me of Fuji Snow Mountain I visit last year.


reading too many Chinese story books, I just wonder if there were any kungfu masters who live at the tip of the mountains


Breath taking scenery on our first stop


I like to day dream, when look at this mountain, I dream there were thousand and thousand of soldiers climbing across this mountain to the attack during Romance of Three Kingdoms



No wonder China are famous on their Chinese Art Painting. Look at that mountains.


lol, again I daydream.. in Romance of the Three Kingdom, this is a best place for surprise attack strategy !


I wish when I retired one day, this is my house ‘s front view


When I zoon into the mountain.. this is what I get….


Do you ever wonder how to get down to this place.. let me show you on the next few images


Top View of the village


I love this village !


I regret not taking the donkey to climb uphill for a location shooting which was 600 over steps around 3,600 feet above sea level.. every step you climb will kill you.. as for me , worst with my 15KGs camera bag


Another way to climb up the hill… yeah… no jokes !


This place called 白水台, and the villagers believe there is a GOD live under the water. Every festival, they will gather here for praying, singing and dancing. A Holy place for them


白水台, the villager charge you for entrance fees and tour guide fees


ok la , Foong , another photo for you !



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