Our Journey in Year 2013

Life is a Journey , Not a Destination


Times Flies. It was just like yesterday when I quit my full time shipping jobs after being working on both shipping and photography jobs for the past five years. In Year 2013 itself after being full time photographer with Armadale Weddings, I am blessed that I was able to fulfil one of my dreams …travel around the world. I been travelled more than 15 countries with total almost half of the years period in year 2013 and thanks to Foong, who been following us for most of our overseas assignment, helping us to capture behind the scenes, the moments that I treasured a lot.

So, instead of like what I use to be , showing the best images selection of the year, for this year,  I decide to post up this video sharing with you the behind the scene of our travels.



I started my career back in 1993 with MYR445 per month work with a gas company as depot clerk. I still remember my supervisor asked me during interview “With your flying colour in your exam , why wont you continue study?” I told him, as much as I wish to, my 7As doesn’t guarantee me a scholarship and I urgently need money to survive. Chance was given and I continue my study in marketing after working hours. Following two years, while I working hard, rolling and uploading gas cylinder to trucks, I asking myself, what a top student do with job like this while my other classmates further study in overseas? I hate myself that time and was thinking the world is giving me unfair treatment ! for almost a year, I finally understand, it is just another path and test for myself. So, I save my money and get myself a post grad in chartered institute of Marketing. I ask for promotion and course subsidise from my manager which he kept my application in his drawer without submission to management thinking I will never complete the course. I was sad and left the company to join a shipping company kicked start my career journey in shipping industry for the next 16 years. In between, I know I don’t have great paper qualification, I work harder than anyone else in the company. I was the first to arrive in the morning and last to go back in the office. With my proactive and aggressive attitude, it reward me with a better position and soon one of the management in the company. While my career was at the top with deputy general manager position on my last shipping company , I choice to quit and become full time photographer to pursue my dreams. Many think that I am crazy and many congrats on my courage. Life is short and full of challenges along the path.. I have up and downs all these years in my life.. new job, promotion, marriage, kids, divorce, friend and family member pass away, situation with not even one cent in my pockets, recognition from company, awards and achievement, failure and success. With support from my family and dear friends, I am glad I been able to hold on to my believes thru all these. My character and who I am today reflect all these years of me experiencing my own journey of life. I believe positive attitude and fighting spirit are important and key words to myself. Always show what you can do and the results before ask for any rewards in return..same time appreciate everyone beside you all these while as they are your support and the true one loving you that never give up on you thru bad time. Always get ready and accept the new challenges in life.

Life is a journey, filled with lessons, challenges, love, happiness, sadness, moments of ups and downs . It stops for no one, so, lets learn from our past, appreciate the one beside you at this present moments and pursue our dreams in future



Year 2013 to Edwin Tan from Armadale Weddings + Edwin Tan on Vimeo.


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