Hot Air Balloon Festival Putrajaya

All these years, I didnt get the chance to attend the yearly event of Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Festival and finally, Agnes remind me there is one on this weekend and I am free in the morning ! So, I ask my two kiddo to join me and the answers are : Amanda : ” it is ok, I rather zz at home”, Benjamin: ” Huh! we need to take the ride? what if both of us fell down? Never mind la, Daddy, you go ahead”

Thanks to Barney, we both arrived at the scene 5.45am and ……. we were simply too early ! sorry ya, i a bit kiasu… lucky thing I had my Mc D breakfast but poor Barney have to accompany me in the darkness for nothing… soon, the guard came and ask us politely that we should register at the counter and get the pass before we enter.. oh well, let’s go over to the counter then.. after queue for 20mins , the counter PIC told us, just put down our name and you can enter the field… i was like… hmm, how on earth the guard know what we have registered? (pass is only for media)

by 730am, all of the hot air balloons are getting ready… (ya, we waited 2 hours… lol, ok la Barney is a good company to chat with)… and I look at the sky… oh no !!! HAZEEEEEEEEEE



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