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Today is the first day of Chinese New Year 2016,The year of Monkey. As usual, I am going thru my images captured in the past one year during this hour. Yeah, after 12am ,seems that this year fireworks is much lesser than a year before and we all know why … oh well, it is the best time to walk down the memory lane for myself.

Looking back year 2015, we been travelling a lot to various countries and things happen a lot in my family too. The journey is tough and there are ups and downs moments for us. We enjoy moments and we came across obstacles and failure as well. We travelled to dangerous zone of MERS during our trip to Hokkaido when Agnes was caught with flu. We lost our luggage during our transit from Frankfurt to London. The worst was during my trip in Australia, we receive the news from my family that my grandpa pass away, it is one of the painful memories I had for years. I still remember, it was during our dinner time in Mornington together with our clients. That feeling is the not easy while we had to continue and carry out our assignments. for another couple of days. We even miss out his funeral and didn’t got the chance to see him for the last time. We use to have dinner with grandpa on every Chinese new year eve and I started to take family portrait for ourselves since 2 years back. Those photos with grandpa are now the precious memories of him. Months later, my dad had a stroke and it actually trigger and change my thinking and view on some issues which I have been in my mind for sometimes.

Last week I met my old schoolmates in one of the gathering and some of them I have not meet up for more than 20 years ! because of them, I link back to some of my classmates as well via facebook. Like all of us think that night, it was just like yesterday when we were in school, studying hard or playing hard. All those big issues that we think last time as teenager is now a small matters or doesn’t matter anymore.. so what matters now?

Life is short and we are all very fragile as human being. From time to time, I will remind myself, appreciate those who beside me and spend more time with my family members before it is too late.

Last year, I joined 2 workshops despite our busy schedule. I always believe that there is always new things for us to learn on each day and I do want to improve myself for my photography skill and as a person. I do apologize if my inpatient and “direct” attitude hurt some of you and I will work on these and learn from the lesson. All I want is to focus on my photography and my loves one. Yeah, it sounds simple and yet hard to achieve isn’t it? and I will never give up my hope and my dreams. It is never too late in life because we are all fighters !



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