A day with Chef Gary Shapland

We met Gary and Marcia back in Malaysia where they celebrate their beach wedding in YTL Pangkor Laut Resort.

Marcia + Gary ‘s Pangkor Laut Resort Beach Wedding Ceremony

Months later, before we kick-start our Europe Prewedding Journey for Iceland and Paris, we visited Gary and Marcia at Devon, UK to hand delivery the photobook while get a chance to visit this lovely place.

coincident, we came to know Chef Gary.. ya, did I forget to mention Gary ‘s profession ? Gary is a master chef working exclusively as private chef for events / party / dinners in UK? So, we get to know that Gary is going to prepare a wedding dinner for a couple in Millbrook. So we decide to follow Gary from morning to the event itself to experience the day of chef.  It was a very fun and exciting experience. I salute Chef Gary for his passionate and commitments on his job.

Let me bring you thru the day again ….


Happy Family with Gary, Marcia and their children Caitlin , Mairin , Marcus and Benji the dog !


Love their children ! just nice we got the chance meet up with Caitlin when she is back for holidays


lol ! ya their Pangkor Laut Wedding Day images printed and hang on the wall in the living room


hemm hemm, Chef Gary brought back Malaysia secret recipe ! Durian favour may be ? hahahhaa


The home is so cosy ! love this place to the max!


here we go, Chef Gary and Marcia brought us to the market in the morning getting the materials ready for the evening dinner event at Millbrook


Chef Gary meeting his regular suppliers / friends in the market !


learning from Chef Gary on how to select his veges


next stop, seafood, plenty of fresh seafood around the market


Chef Gary heads toward another shop looking for other ingredient and check out the cheese


Chef Gary showing local products. Now that is the secret ! to use local products as the ingredient. So if you wanna try out Chef Gary ‘s secret recipe, come to Devon !


Chef checking out the local wine… I should buy a few bottles if this is my last stop of the Europe Trip


See anything that you like?


Fig ! another local produced ingredient




Meat !! Meat !! Meat !! Chef Gary said “Give me the best meat !”


which one should I take?.. hmm may be just give me all ! hahahah


Hugs Pudding ! very unique texture and taste .. lol


Hogs it is…


Look at the selection of sausage !


great ! after market, lets head home and see who is awake ! Marcus !! and Benji the dog hahahahah


Now Chef is getting ready to prepare the ingredient for tonight’s wedding dinner


Chef Gary’s cool private food storage behind his garden. I wish I have a house like that !


Do you know what is Chef Gary thinking?


yea ! Chef Gary even plant his own herbs and vege at the backyard garden ! that is so fresh !


organic and 100% fresh from the garden


Chef getting the meats from the market and get ready for marinate


All set !


Chef checked, apron checked ! time to get started ! cooking with gazz !


I wish I can cook like Gary.. on second thought, nah, I wish to enjoy good food from Chef will do .. hahahhaa


9.30am and Chef is already busy in the kicthen


It is a great credit by the local rating as full mark 5 for Gary’s kitchen !


Men in focus is always sexy.. (according to Marcia! ) hahhaa


details details details


plenty of ingredients need to get ready before the wedding dinner


while Chef is busy in the kitchen, say hello to Marcus and of course, Benji the dog !



5 mins I step away from the kitchen and Chef is ready for the first ingredient !


lol Chef still manage to squeeze in some time to prepare breakfast for us !! yummy !


phew, all ready, checking checking checking


a check list before moving all items to car.. we are so excited ! Chef Gary will be preparing the dishes at Millbrook this evening and he is getting ready all the items ans stuff in the car


final checking to make sure all in order


Here we are ! Millbrook ‘s kitchen, 2 hours before the event started and Chef is checking all glasses to make sure it is sparkly clean


Setting up table at tonight’s venue


Man in focus is always sexy (again, said by Marcia)


from setting up table to positioning the plates and glasses, Chef Gary is personally doing it himself to make sure all are covered


oh well, while Chef is busy, we walk around and found a nice spot for photo shooting !!


hemm hemm, the makeup artist helping Chef on flower decoration


congratulation to Kari and Hubbell ! table is ready for you


yeap ! we are ahead of schedule !


Chef is ready to head back to the kitchen to get ready the first dishes


meanwhile back to the kitchen….



beautiful ambient and setup


Lets’s see, what we having this evening?


Lets head out to get some flowers and herbs


Chef found his flower !!


Millbrook, a great place for private function !


Fire mode on !! Let’s rock and roll !



I guess I can never be a chef ! he is so brave ! hahahha


yummy yummy Duck meat



okok ! the VVIP guest just check in. “Let the show begin” said Chef Gary


our first dishes ready to go!



Chef explaining to the VVIP guest, the wedding couple of the night


hahaha, dont hide, I see you


2nd dishes of the night!


This is really yummy !



the wedding couple is so looking forward on the dishes


while Chef is busy.. I saw this cat watching me from far….



hmm it was a lazy evening for this cat


handsome cat !


meanwhile in kitchen….

Chef Gary is ready for the main course ! (while I am playing with the cat.. hahhaha)


5 spices duck and chicken as the main dishes this evening


extra hands from Agnes !


Chef Gary present to you the main course of this evening


desert time !


you have to try Chef Gary’s secret recipe ‘s brownies !!


yeah ! all on time, Happy couple, Happy Chef !!

It is a very unique experience tagging along Chef Gary and great to see how a western style private dinner served !

We enjoyed so much on our holiday in Devon thanks to Marcia and Gary’s hospitality !

lovely lovely family !


Once again, thanks for the wonderful time and looking forward to see you soon !


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